Press Release

Hoan My Medical Corporation Publishes Photobook “The Resilient Blossoms – The Stories Of Nurses”- Honoring Nurses And Aiming For Comprehensive Healthcare Services For The Community.


Today, Hoan My Medical Corporation has officially published a photobook named “The Resilient Blossoms – The Stories Of Nurses” to honor people working as nurses who have silently sacrificed their good to stand by the patients’ side with all dedicated care and love to help them overcome these painful illnesses, especially the arduous COVID-19 pandemic that just passed.

The Resilient Blossoms – The Stories Of Nursesis a book talking about an arduous journey filled with efforts andextraordinary hard-working of every nurse to create many significant moments. These are true stories, everyday life, career concerns, and professional challenges that each Hoan My nurse must have gone through to be able to balance the nurse’s own emotions; be tolerant of fate; spread the love of life, and positive spirit toward the patients. The book depicts breath-taking moments, and incomplete dreams in deeply which could make readers realize that one ordinary nurse does have the magic to light up hopes for the patients. Not just revealing nurses’ daily stories, the book also allows readers to empathize and appreciate their arduous hardship in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. Those were the day when Ho Chi Minh City and many southern provinces such as Dong Nai and Binh Duong had to struggle to survive the pandemic; when the sound of the ambulance broke the quiet atmosphere and the misery all over the place, hundreds of nurses working in hospitals of Hoan My Medical Corporation had joined the mortal combat against the COVID-19 pandemic. They said goodbye to their families and spent full-time staying at the hospital to stop miserable losses and light up hopes of life for the most severe cases.

Sharing about those historic days, Mrs. Vo Thi Lanh, Chief Nurse of Hoan My Thu Duc Covid-19 Treatment Hospital said: “Knowing this would be a long-term fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, nurses had their children and houses taken care of by their relatives before joining the battle. It has been three months since the last time we got back home… and we chose to stay by the patient’s side to overcome this pandemic”.

Speaking at the publishing date of the book “The Resilient Blossoms – The Stories Of Nurses Mrs. Le Ngoc Anh Phuong, Group Director of Marketing and Communication kindly shared: That we, thousands of patients and their families want to send a message filled with love, empathy, and appreciation to nurses who had silently sacrificed overcame challenging and arduous situations, stood together with Hoan My Medical Corporation and medical profession to bring back a healthy and happy life for the community.”

According to Mrs. Anh Phuong, the nursing career nowadays has to face many social prejudices, which makes people afraid of joining this profession. According to the Ministry of Health, Vietnam’s average rate of nurses over ten thousand citizens is 11.4, which is not as half as the world’s. The World Health Organization (WHO) predicts that Vietnam will need approximately 50.000 nurses to meet the requirements to take care of people’s health in 2030.

“Through this project, we aim to change the community’s prejudice against this precious profession. We look forward to increasing our investment in the nursing industry through training activities, recruiting personnel, and growing our collaboration with nursing training institutions such as Hong Bang University or the University of Medicine and Pharmacy … Above all, we understand that investment in nursing is an investment in comprehensive medical quality and for the future health of patients and the community.” Ms. Anh Phuong emphasized.

The book The Resilient Blossoms – The Stories of Nurses as part of a project The Resilient Blossoms started with 5 documentary episodes released by Hoan My Medical Corporation in 2021, when the pandemic was at its peak and brought about painful losses for the community. The project is a sincere appreciation for the nurses who are consistently overcoming the challenging and arduous work of the career to bring health and happiness to the community. The project also contributes to acknowledging nurses as an independent career in the medical profession, requiring knowledge and medical skills to support, improve and recover patients’ health. With these meanings, the project “The Resilient Blossoms had been rewarded with an Excellence Award in Branding and Marketing Campaign from Hospital Management Asia. In May 2022, the project was honored as the “Marketing Initiative of the Year in Vietnam”, voted by Health Care Asia Magazine./.