The Resilient Blossoms

While Covid-19 had brought to the forefront its indispensable nature, the nursing profession continues to be plagued by social stigma and misconceptions. As Vietnam’s largest private healthcare group, Hoan My launched a campaign titled “The Resilient Blossoms” in 2021, taking the lead to accord the well-deserved respect to our nurses whose contributions have so often remained unsung. Within our network, we created safe spaces for nurses to share their feelings, offering a robust pillar of emotional support during difficult times. Externally, we embarked on a rigorous campaign to recognise the sacrifices of our nurses, many of whom had braved immense, unprecedented pressure in the trying times of a global healthcare crisis.

The Resilient Blossoms

In 2021, Hoan My released a documentary series on our official YouTube channel and Facebook page that featured the heartfelt stories of our nurses. Segmented into five parts, namely, “Profession”, “Sound”, “Time”, Spirit of Steel”, and “An Artist’s Soul”, it offered a realistic portrayal of the challenges nurses face in their day-to-day work. The series went viral and garnered over 1.2 million views. Hot on the heels of the wildly successful series, Hoan My continued to harness the power of storytelling in 2022 with a photo book titled “The Resilient Blossoms – the Stories of Nurses”. As a tribute to the unbreakable spirit of our frontline heroes, 1,000 copies of the photo book were gifted to nursing undergraduates to inspire the next generation of nurses. Overall, our campaign was well-received domestically and internationally, earning numerous industry awards, as well as the recognition of the public at large.

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“Brighten Up Your Life” is a Hoan My CSR campaign that began in 2018. The purpose of the campaign is to bring accessible healthcare support to communities in a fun and cheerful way.
Mom Baby

In 2016, Hoan My started “The Mom is Ready!” campaign offering free antenatal care to expectant mothers across Vietnam. A yearly campaign, it featured a series of events providing knowledge and hands-on training experience. Recognising that it might be convenient for pregnant women to attend physical sessions, Hoan My has also conducted ten online seminars across the country in 2019.

At first, local communities were sceptical. They were concerned that it would cost money. But over time, moms-to-be began to trust the medical information provided and dads-to-be started attending the sessions as they provided an opportunity for men to ask questions they might have been embarrassed to ask at home. The success of the campaign saw even grandmothers in attendance, as they were keen to pass on tips from their own experiences, making the classes a real family affair.

Through social media platforms like Facebook, Hoan My has been consistently reaching out to new and expectant mothers over the years. While we empower these women with the best support possible, we are heartened that the antenatal classes have a ripple effect – those who have acquired the knowledge have gone on to help others.