Vị trí TP. HCM
Lương Negotiable
Công ty Hoan My Medical Corporation
Phòng ban Clinical Excellence
Loại hình Full time


Provide overall high-level leadership and management of the Nursing Services and assist GHCE in general management of the hospital’s operations and business development for nursing services in order to achieve the company’s objectives.

Plan, organize, develop, and direct the overall operation of the Nursing Services in accordance with the current state and local standards, guidelines, and regulations that govern our facilities and as may be directed by GHCE and HCMO, to ensure the highest degree of quality care is maintained at all time.



Provision of high-quality delivery of patient care and nursing skills:

  • Develop, review, and update SOPs pertaining to Nursing from time to time and ensure that they are disseminated and safe practices are adhered to.
  • Monitor and evaluate constantly the standards of patient care and implement appropriate action.
  • Participate in Hospital sub-committees for the improvement of nursing practices and hospital accreditation.
  • Ensure adequate facilities and resources that will enable the nursing services to achieve its objectives.

Ensure professional accountability:

  • Making ward rounds.
  • Review reports from all nursing units and solve divisional problems.
  • Ensure all policy violations are investigated and corrective action is taken.
  • Review incident reports and take appropriate action.

Ensure high employee productivity through cost-effective management initiatives:

  • Determine and establish staffing requirements for HR Department
  • Assist in establishing policies for recruitment, approve suitable candidates, and assist and arrange termination of personnel when necessary with HR Department. Assess and recommend changes and transfer of staff and function in the Nursing Service.
  • Assist and supervise the evaluation of the work performance of staff. Assist in counseling nursing personnel to maximize job satisfaction and career progress
  • Work with Nursing Education to ensure In-service education develops comprehensive orientation programs for all newly appointed staff, continuing education programs for all nursing staff, and opportunities for staff to develop, maintain and improve special skills.

Promote continuous learning:

  • Identify key areas for nursing education and promotion e.g. post basic training and sponsorships.
  • Develop and monitor staff’s continuous education and improvement.

Ensure and enhance customer satisfaction:

  • Ensure that all staff and customer feedback are fully investigated and the appropriate action taken.
  • Review the work process and implement changes accordingly.
  • Develop and monitor quality improvement initiatives including infection control.

Clinical Services:

  • Promote a cost-conscious approach to the delivery of patient care and establish mechanisms to ensure that resources are utilized in an efficient cost-effective manner.
  • Plan staffing and bed projection in accordance with the Business Plan and Expansion Plan.
  • Plan and assists the Nurse Managers in budget preparation.
  • Oversees and monitors the usage of the approved budget for the Nursing Division.
  • Participate actively in the feasibility of new services implementation.



  • State registered nurse in the home country.
  • Generally would have acquired up to 10 years of nursing experience including 5 years in senior management. nursing team of a tertiary-level healthcare facility. With experience in nursing administration and management in a hospital environment.
  • Possess multidisciplinary nursing knowledge and general business management knowledge.
  • Good command of English (both speaking and writing).
  • Working knowledge of healthcare and related Acts, regulations, and accreditation standards
  • Leadership, team-building, team cohesiveness, and facilitation skills are required.



  • Master’s or Degree in Nursing.

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