Hoan My

Hoan My Medical Corporation Announces Environmental and Social Protection Policies and Framework


Hoan My Medical Corporation has put forward a policy and framework for environmental and social protection (ESM) in accordance with state standards and regulations to address environmental and social risks and minimize the adverse and unavoidable impacts of business projects or activities on the people and the environment.

Environmental and Social Management System, Hoan My Medical Corporation, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, November 2021

The Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS) is part of a management system within an organization and a continuous and dynamic process that is initiated and supported by the senior management along with relevant stakeholders.

ESMS is a set of processes that includes practical guidelines for implementing social and environmental policies to realize organizational objectives to ensure that appropriate policies and procedures may guide staff perform their duties synchronously. The ESMS helps organizations to assess and control their environmental and social risks in order to review, adjust and continuously improve (itself).

Implementation requirements within the environmental and social management system:

a. Hospitals and clinics under construction and/or repair and renovation must perform the following tasks based on the detailed guidelines in the ESMS Handbook:

  •   The planning and implementation of environmental and social management during construction, repair, and renovation may bring about the following risks:
          Dust          Health and occupational risk
          Noise and vibrations          Labor use
          Water          Storage and use of hazardous substances
          Material waste          Traffic safety
          Wastewater          Emergency situations
  •   Formulate and implement plans to facilitate resettlement and development of ethnic
  •   Management of contractors and supply chains
  •   Other positions according to the ESMS Handbook are updated periodically

b. Hospitals and clinics that are in operation must perform the following tasks based on the detailed guidelines in the ESMS Handbook:

  •   The following management programs will provide hospitals and clinics guidance on environmental and social risks and impacts that are directly linked to their operation:
          Hazardous waste         Public health and safety
          Water and energy         Infections, blood-borne pathogens, and exposure to diseases
          Air quality   Traffic
          Hazardous waste  Public health and safety
          Waste         Security
          Occupational health and safety         Contractors and supply chains

c.      All hospitals and clinics and Hoan My Medical Corporation must perform the following tasks based on the detailed guidelines in the ESMS Handbook:

  •   Prepare and implement emergency preparedness and response plans: identify, prepare for, and respond to foreseeable emergency contingencies to avoid, and situations where adverse and unavoidable risks to the environment, and the health and safety of employees and the local community.
  •   Giám sát và báo cáo: Monitoring and reporting:
  •         Monitoring: Develop and implement a monitoring program that is implemented in accordance with the scope of the ESMS.
  •         Reporting: Maintain regular and effective reporting on social and environmental activities to Hospital executives and the Group CEO, and internal reports on the results of social environment activities.

Hoan My Medical Corporation is committed to:

  •   Economic development in accordance with the goals of social development and environmental protection.
  •   Current legal provisions on social environment;
  •   Strict adherence to the corporate governance standards.