Hoan My

The First Family Doctor Clinic of Hoan My Medical Corporation was Launched


May 13th, the first Family Doctor clinic of Hoan My Medical Corporation specialized for apartments was inaugurated. The new member will focus on taking good care  medical need for residential community at Lexington Residence, District 2, HCMC. The Family Doctor clinic will not only reduce the work load of other healthcare facilities but also improve the quality of life in such big urban city liked HCMC. 

The First Family Doctor Clinic

Based on the model development plan for the family doctor clinic (FDC) in the period of 2016-2020 issued by the Ministry of Health with the mission to reduce the burden on the central health facilities, strengthen the system health care of the entire population, Hoan My Family Doctor Clinic is built and committed to mission of providing high quality health care services at reasonable cost for the community. By the end of 2016, this model has been implemented by Hoan My with the advice of the leading experts in family medicine in Vietnam as well as inherited from the model of FDC in advanced countries (like Belgium).

In addition to the medical examination and treatment, the Hoan My FDC model  also focuses on management of family health by compiling records from the registered list of households in the area and neighboring areas. It helps to keep track of the healthcare history of individuals in the family from the young to the old, aiming to carry out screening and primary health care as well as participates in healthcare education… In other words, this model is the solution to detect early changes in health, timely refer patients to the right specialist. Many studies have mentioned the early detection of disease as ways of greatly reducing the cost of treatment as well as increasing the effectiveness of treatment.

Dr. Pham Le An – Head of Training Center for Pediatric Drugs, HCMC University of Medicine and Pharmacy – once commented on this model when it appeared for the first time in Vietnam: “FDC is not the individual doctor of each family. They are not the doctors of the rich but serve patients who wish to have a thorough examination. In addition of managing the patient and family members in a holistic and continuous manner from birth to the end of life, the family doctor is responsible for providing information about the history of the patient to the physicians or specialists so that they can grasp the course of the disease and have better diagnosis. ” And Hoan My FDC is also an honor place to practice family medicine for the Doctorate Training Center – Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh.

This is the first step that marks the presence of family healthcare services in the form of close and practical health care of Hoan My Medical Corporation deployed in residential apartments. In the near future, Hoan My is planning to replicate FDC model in HCMC and other provinces and cities, with the purpose of serving and providing comprehensive healthcare for the community in the most convenient  and effective away.

With the motto “Follow your family’s health”, the model of FDC wishes to be a trusted companion of every family to protect and improve the health of each individual in family and community.