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Hanh Phuc Hospital – Accredit Joint Commission International


The first mother and child hospital in Vietnam to accredit Joint Commission International ‘Gold Seal of Approval’

Hanh Phuc International Hospital is recognized as the first Mother and Child Hospital in Vietnam to obtain the Joint Commission International, “Gold Seal of Approval” after an arduous 2-year journey.  It has achieved 99% score of the 12,00+ Measurable Elements and is proud to be on the  global JCI map.

Binh Duong Province – Vietnam – 27th November, 2019 

Hanh Phuc International Hospital and its’ affiliated Clinics announced on 27 Nov 2019, that it is the first Mother and Child International Hospital accredited with the Joint Commission International’s ‘Gold Seal of Approval® for hospital accreditation in Vietnam, through continuous compliance of its internationally recognized standards. The Gold Seal of Approval® is a symbol of highest quality that reflects an organization’s commitment to providing safe and effective patient care and increased financial efficiencies by reducing risk.

JCI Gold Seal of Approval® accreditation ceremony was held solemnly in the presence of Ms. Paula Wilson – President and Chief Executive Officer of Joint Commission Resources (JCR) and its international division, Joint Commission International (JCI); PhD. Nguyen Duc Vinh – Director, General of Department of Maternal Health and Children; PhD. Nguyen Huy Quang – Director, General of Department of Legislation – Ministry of Health and representatives of Binh Duong Department of Health, and other distinguished guests from Ho Chi Minh City Department of Health  and partners, the Chief Executives of the Clermont Group, the Protrade Corporation, the Hoan My Medical corporation, the Hoan My hospitals, the JCI accredited organizations in Vietnam, other privates hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City and Can Tho province ;and, over 100+ media partners and the press.

The JCI standards comprised over twelve hundred measurable elements (1,200+); two hundred and ninety one (291) standards distributed in fourteen chapters (14) of which eight (08) chapters are focused on Patient Centered standards, and six (06) chapters on Healthcare Organization Management standards. The core value is to ensure patients and staff safety; and the aim to secure ‘excellence in care’ in the organization.  The JCI has unparalleled global scale, setting international standards for 20+ years, and is the recognized world leader in healthcare accreditation, the highest number of programs (10) approved and endorsed by ISQua; and over one thousand (1000+) JCI accredited organizations in more than hundred (100+) countries around the world.

Our JCI journey at Hanh Phuc Hospital was officially launched in February 2017: the hospital team including Board of Directors, managers, doctors, nurses, clinical and non-clinical staff and contractors went through a vigorous preparation process with more than 400+ discussions sessions, 200+ training programs, 45+ quality improvement projects on patient safety and risk management, including 50+ practice drills on fire safety, emergency codes and emergency preparedness. The whole team monitored the JCI 1200+ MEs in their daily practice, documented records, strictly followed policies, protocol. An on-line incident reporting system, HM-115 was introduced to enhance reporting of adverse events and incidents, as a measure to promote ‘Zero Harm’ culture throughout the hospital.

In successfully achieving the very first survey in September 2019 and officially accredited with JCI Gold Seal of Approval® Hanh Phuc Hospital has become the 4th hospital in Vietnam with the distinguished name on JCI Global Map.

Hanh Phuc International Hospital is proud to receive the accreditation from Joint Commission International.  Our 2-year journey towards this accomplishment pays tribute to all the staff (600+) who had contributed in one way or another, and supported cohesively in our efforts towards this extremely rigorous and arduous hospital quality feat which tested our endurance, confidence and abilities.

For Hanh Phuc International Hospital, JCI is not just  a trade mark or a competitive advantage, it’s foundational for us to promote our confidence, and our mission to become the leading healthcare organization for women and children care in Vietnam and the region”, quoting Ms. Nguyen Thuc Anh, the Chief Executive Officer, Hanh Phuc International Hospital.

Ms Paula Wilson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Joint Commission Resources (JCR) and its international division, Joint Commission International (JCI) delivers JCI certification to Ms Nguyen Thuc Anh, CEO of Hanh Phuc International Hospital

With the JCI Gold Seal of Approval®, Hanh Phuc International Hospital can be proud of its ability to meet the most stringent international quality standards in healthcare. This ‘Gold Seal of Approval®’ accreditation is to ensure the patient safety, becoming one of the leading reliable healthcare organizations not only for Vietnamese people but also international patients around the world.

Hanh Phuc International Hospital Board of Director receive the JIC Gold Seal of Approval

JCI appreciate the work that Hanh Phuc International Hospital has done to earn our gold seal.  This is not an easy journey. The health care organizations that become JCI accredited is very special.  You did not have to go on this important journey to improve the safety and quality of the care that you deliver. But, your leaders made a voluntary decision to do the extra work required by JCI. Hanh Phuc International Hospital is ready to move on to the next level of performance.  You have earned the JCI Gold Seal of Accreditation. You have a great staff and facility. And you have an outstanding leadership team with a powerful vision for the future. We at JCI look forward to being your partner as you continue to excel at providing care that is of the highest quality”, said Ms Paula Wilson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Joint Commission Resources (JCR) and its international division, Joint Commission International (JCI).

About Joint Commission International (JCI) 

Joint Commission International (JCI) was established in 1997 as a division of Joint Commission Resources, Inc. (JCR), a wholly controlled, not-for-profit affiliate of The Joint Commission. Through international accreditation, consultation, publications and education programs, JCI extends The Joint Commission’s mission worldwide by helping to improve the quality of patient care. JCI assists international health care organizations, public health agencies, health ministries and others in more than 100 countries.

In many developed countries, Insurance Companied only sign contract and provide direct billing with JCI Accredited organizations. Achievement JCI standards is organizations commitment to hospital’s quality and services, gaining customers’ trust and confidence on hospital. Therefore, striving to improve the quality and achieve JCI certification is an indispensable need of each hospital. Through periodic re-evaluation every 3 years, JCI will continue to promote hospitals to maintain activities to improve quality and safety of patients.