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Successful Endoscopic Surgery Removes Sigma Cancer From 73 Year-Old Female Patient Without Anus


A laparoscopic surgical procedure has successfully removed a sigmoid tumour from a 73-year-old female patient, without having to create an artificial anus.

The surgical team, including doctors from Hoan My Cuu Long Hospital and Hoan My Minh Hai Hospital, has successfully performed a laparoscopic surgical procedure to remove a colon tumour for a patient who is 73 years old, and who lives in the Tran Van Thoi district – Ca Mau province. The patient was hospitalised with pain in the left abdomen. Through examination and subclinical diagnostic imaging such as ultrasound, abdominal CT and colonoscopy, the doctors established that it was a case of a sigmoidal tumour, requiring surgery to remove the tumuor and determine if the tumour was benign or malignant.

The patient had previously undergone different surgeries, such as removal of an ovarian cyst and removal of uterine fibroids. “Since just over 6 months ago, I did not feel well. I had a stomach ache, and the pain ran from my navel to the left side of my abdomen. Recently, the pain had worsened and I was hospitalised for treatment,” the patient says.

After consulting with specialists, the surgical team that performed the surgery, including: MD. Ky Phuong – Hoan My Cuu Long Hospital and MD. Nguyen Tan Duong Quang – Hoan My Minh Hai Hospital, decided to perform laparoscopic surgery to remove the colon tumour. The surgery lasted more than two hours and despite certain complications caused by the patient’s previous surgeries, the team still managed to successfully accomplish the task. After the surgery, the patient gradually recovered; she could eat by herself and was discharged from the hospital.

According to MD. Quang, laparoscopic colostomy is a less invasive intervention technique that allows the doctor to remove a part of the colon containing the tumour through small incisions of 1.5 cm. Depending on the condition of the patient, the doctor can connect the intestines so that the patient can pass stool via the anus or make an artificial anus by bringing the intestine to the outside of the abdominal wall. Colonoscopic surgery is carried out in most of Hoan My Medical Group’s system.

Currently, the amount of people with a sigmoid tumour is increasing due to disadvantageous lifestyles. A sigmoidal tumour originates from colonic pain that has not been treated for a long time and turns into a colon tumour.

Symptoms of sigma tumour are digestive problems such as frequent abdominal pain, constipation, bloating, diarrhea, and others. A patient’s stool will also have some blood in it. If you experience such symptoms frequently, the possibility of having a sigma tumour is quite high.

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