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  • Paget’s disease of bone

    Paget’s disease of bone disrupts the natural bone remodeling process, where old bone is replaced by new bone tissue. This condition leads to weakened and deformed bones over time, often affecting the pelvis, skull, spine, and legs predominantly. The risk of Paget’s disease rises with age and a family history of the disorder. Interestingly, though, the prevalence of the disease has diminished in recent years, and its severity has also lessened, a trend still not fully understood by the medical community. Potential complications encompass fractures, hearing impairment, and compression of spinal nerves. Central to treatment are bisphosphonates, the same class of medications used to fortify bones compromised by osteoporosis. These medications help stabilize bone remodeling. Surgical intervention might be necessary if complications arise. It’s important to note that Paget’s disease of bone warrants medical attention, monitoring, and management to mitigate potential complications and enhance quality of life.