Research & Innovation

Hoan My Medical Corporation places a strong focus on investing in the development of medical expertise. Clinical and paraclinical staff are encouraged and empowered to push the boundaries of their current understanding of medicine.

Every year, Hoan My organises a “Hoan My Science and Technology Conference” as an opportunity for medical professionals both within and outside the Hoan My network to present timely and practical research topics. Hoan My’s research reports are evaluated and selected objectively by the Hoan My Medical Office.

The conference is also an opportunity for Hoan My medical professionals to exchange up-to-date knowledge, best practices, and advanced medical techniques with peers outside the Hoan My network, thereby improving the quality of clinical examination, treatment and clinical practices across the Hoan My network.

Since 2015, an average of 30 reports have been presented at each conference, covering a wide range of medical fields, from internal medicine to surgery, pharmacy, nursing, paraclinical services, infection control, quality management improvement, and many others.

Drawing upon its wide network of hospitals and clinics (that spans several provinces in Vietnam), Hoan My is able to use the combined expertise of all institutions to produce diverse research. Hoan My also has nine active groups of clinical professionals from across nine specialties, the members of which conduct systematic and comprehensive scientific research activities.

Several scientific research papers authored by Hoan My practitioners have been published in domestic medical journals, affirming Hoan My’s position and research capabilities within the healthcare industry.


Another innovative technology project that will be implemented in early 2021 is a smart app built for our customers. Once launched, the app will provide customers with a greater range of benefits and convenience, before, during, and after their healthcare journey at Hoan My hospitals and clinics.


One of Hoan My’s core values is “patient centricity”. Hoan My therefore continually innovates its systems in order to improve operational efficiency and to enhance the patient experience. Hoan My is proud to be a pioneer in the healthcare industry in terms of applying the quality management methodology “lean six sigma,” to consistently advance the quality of hospital management and the patient journey.

Each hospital in the Hoan My network implements an average of 20 initiatives and projects each year, many of which have contributed to significant operational improvements and patient satisfaction enhancements, while reducing any surpluses in resources as well as any clinical errors. Several initiatives have been presented at quality management conferences organised by the local Departments of Health or the Ministry of Health. In addition, hospitals from outside the Hoan My network have chosen Hoan My hospitals as models for learning.

Integrating Information Technology systems within hospital management is also one of Hoan My’s top priorities. HM115 – a mobile application for reporting and managing hospital incidents, is one example. Thanks to this app, users can anonymously report incidents directly on their mobile devices, anywhere, at any time. HM115 enhances incident management effectiveness by supporting the analysis of root causes and the recommendation of solutions and a prevention plan to avoid future incidents. Hoan My was honoured to receive the prestigious Gold Award for HM115 under the category “Innovation in Healthcare Technology” at the Asian Hospital Management Conference.