Education & Training

Hoan My is a life-long learning organisation. We believe that the proactive development of each and every staff member will strengthen our organisation and better serve our patients.

Education and training are therefore always among our top priorities. To this end, we recently established the Hoan My Academy to maximise the impact of education and training. The mission of the Hoan My Academy is to build elite healthcare teams that deliver the best healthcare services for patients, by developing and offering innovative and diverse educational and training programmes. Through the development of individuals and the greater cohesion of teams, we will deliver enhanced services and experiences for our patients and the community.

The Hoan My Academy provides professional educational and training programmes for both clinical and non-clinical teams. The Academy comprises three programme bases: Building Personal Capabilities, Developing Professional Capabilities, and Impacting Organisational Capabilities. Everyone at Hoan My is required to complete all three bases in order to support their growth and development, and to advance their healthcare career.

The Hoan My Academy educational and training models are diverse, including:


Face-to-face workshops


Online university / e-learning




Peer learning circles

In addition to providing robust training under the Hoan My Academy, the Medical Office of Hoan My Medical Corporation regularly organises specialised educational and training programmes for clinical teams across the network with the following focal areas:
Hospital quality management and patient safety
Infection Prevention and Control System
Quality and performance improvement in critical care
Specialised programmes for certain medical fields
Building essential skills for medical scientific research