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Lương Negotiable
Công ty Hoan My Medical Corporation
Loại hình Full time


Head of Clinical Excellence will provide oversight and leadership to an experienced staff of Physicians, nurses, and Allied health professionals.

Responsible for providing clinical leadership, fostering superior quality patient care, standardizing clinical protocols, developing clinical strategic goals and program expansion, and contributing to the recruitment and retention of clinical staff.

Promotes inter-departmental collaboration by working closely with the Medical Director, Nursing Director, and Allied Health Director using a balanced and collaborative approach across all health center services. Partners with Hoan My’s affiliates to ensure continuity of care and serves as a visible leader in the community advocating for decreasing health disparities and improving population health.


General Management and deliver leadership:

  • Participates and provides reports in Executive Leadership and Board of Directors meetings, and other leadership meetings, as required. 
  • Facilitates and leads regular clinical department meetings in conjunction with the Chief Medical Officer and the related Clinical Heads. 
  • Acts as a patient and staff advocate. 
  • Builds a team, resolves conflicts, and facilitates group interaction both within the team and with cross-departmental teams. 
  • Enables the team to achieve optimal results by providing information, encouragement, and support. 
  • Facilitates assigned employees’ time and attendance to include requests for Paid Time Off and minimizing overtime. 
  • Oversees hiring, orientation, training, and development of assigned staff. 
  • Provides coaching and counseling utilizing the approved performance feedback tools and methods of Hoan My. 
  • Aligns departments’ goals and services with Hoan My’s strategic plan.


  • Oversee the development of Hoan My’s Model of Care and practice standards across all disciplines consistent with the organization’s mission, and communicate the philosophy and strategies to executive, management, clinical, and direct support staff; 
  • Oversees the development, implementation, and monitoring of clinical standards for all clinical support employees, beginning within the hiring process and continuing through their entire employment to ensure clinical competency. 
  • Oversees clinical projects and ensures that the Team has the needed resources to meet project goals. 
  • Identifies, facilitates, implements, and performs ongoing evaluation of new programs and service lines. 
  • In collaboration with others in leadership, develops operational plans for clinical support areas; communicates and continuously evaluates plans. 
  • Ensures appropriate clinical education is available within Hoan My to support the development and continued competencies of clinical employees. 
  • Develops, plans, and implements policies, procedures, and protocols to support clinical and other patient care services. 
  • Conducts annual review and revision of all Clinical Provision Policies and Procedure manuals. 
  • Develops and supports internal controls to ensure that policies and operating procedures are followed, and necessary controls are effective and efficient. 
  • Provides oversight for allied health services to ensure compliance with all state and federal regulations, as well as any drug assistance programs in which the pharmacy participates. 
  • Works with the Director of Pharmacy to negotiate contracts and partnerships with vendors pertaining to medication and pharmacy-specific supplies and equipment. 
  • Verifies adherence to patient referral processes for specialty care, diagnostics, and procedures according to health center program compliance standards. 
  • Develops partnerships, coordinates activities, reviews work, exchanges information, and resolves problems related to clinical competencies; this includes partnering with internal and external stakeholders to ensure highly effective and efficient care delivery that reduces cost, improves the quality of outcomes, and delivers an excellent patient experience. 
  • Promotes the use and implementation of technology in the workplace in order to streamline operations, facilitate communications, and optimize work processes. 

Risk Management, Quality and Compliance: 

  • Attends the Quality, Compliance, and Risk Management team meetings, the Safety Committee meetings, and other related quality meetings, as required. 
  • Works closely with the Director of Risk Management and Quality Improvement and the Clinical Quality Manager to assist with adherence to Patient-Centered Medical. 
  • Ensures compliance with provincial and federal regulations related to the delivery and documentation of all vaccinations. 
  • Oversees the review, investigation, and response to patient complaints 
  • Conducts immediate/appropriate response to any serious occurrence/complaint representing actual or potential patient, visitor, or employee injury. Monitors and takes subsequent actions to ensure learning, compliance, and documentation. 
  • Reviews, reports on, and retains records of incident reports. 
  • Proactively evaluates areas of clinical risk based on internal assessment and external benchmarking and implements strategies and policies that promote patient and staff safety. 
  • Promotes the occurrence reporting process including trending and reporting of results, identification of problem-prone areas, and facilitation of prevention initiatives. 
  • Leads the review of serious occurrences requiring root-cause analysis or failure mode and effects analysis. Disseminate lessons learned and process improvement plans. 
  • Meets regularly with leadership to provide detailed reports on all serious incidents, claims, and risk-related issues. 
  • Strategizes and drives process improvements focused on innovative care delivery and/or operational models designed to improve clinical services, outcomes, and patient safety. 
  • Partners with the Quality, Compliance, and Risk Management team and department leaders to drive projects to improve the quality and safety of care. 
  • Participates in the determination, definition, and periodic evaluation of the quality and patient safety program, using data to better understand of strengths and weaknesses of the practice and departments and to determine needs, decisions, and strategies. 
  • Monitors and ensures compliance with all regulatory requirements, organization standards, and policies and procedures affecting the health center and exhibits the value of continuous learning. 
  • Establishes and enhances a culture of evidence-based decision-making in clinical and management initiatives. 
  • Works in conjunction with leadership to provide and evaluate data for quality standards and utilization measurements. 


  • Ensure strategic goals and alignment of the Clinical Services towards the budget and financial goals of the Company  

Implement projects:

  • Performs other responsibilities as assigned.



  • Minimum of 10 years of experience in a senior management capacity at the clinical leadership level. Preferred group-level positions working in diverse and complex healthcare ecosystems.
  • Proven track record in developing healthcare provision strategies and models of care. Experience in healthcare informatics and HIS Deployment Team. 
  • Able to design, implement, manage, and/or upgrade new systems of care and clinical pathways.  
  • Worked with digital health teams as part of digital transformation. 
  • Must demonstrate expert-level knowledge and awareness of the area of expertise in each designated facility, as well as the entire program entity.  
  • Experience working in an integrated delivery system or managed care organization in a management-level position in an assigned area of responsibility.  
  • Excellent human relations, organizational, and communication skills.  
  • Proven track record of driving successful performance outcomes and accomplishing organizational goals.  
  • Experience anticipating and responding to the needs of internal and external customers.  
  • Strong financial and business acumen; knowledge of budgeting and forecasting methodologies.  
  • Able to analyze and interpret data.  
  • Skilled in building partnerships with management, staff, and stakeholders to achieve not only department goals and objectives but the objectives of the organization.  
  • Skilled in managing problems and situations where uncertainty is inherent.  
  • Ability to develop strong, enduring, and trusting relationships.  
  • Ability to foster the development of cohesive teams.  
  • Experience developing and evaluating best practices and emerging trends for organizational applicability and appropriateness.  
  • Ability to construct new and innovative solutions for complex and varying problems and situations while considering the larger perspective or context.  
  • Ability to effectively allocate available resources.  
  • Skilled in utilizing data and information to make informed and appropriate decisions.  
  • Passionate about continuously improving and providing high-quality care and service excellence to patients, families, employees, and physicians



  • Bachelor in Medicine Degree (MD/MBBS) as a minimum, and MBA is preferred; Master in Hospital management is necessary.   

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