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Công ty Tập đoàn Y khoa Hoàn Mỹ
Phòng ban Information Technology
Loại hình Full time


We are looking to hire cyber security with an analytical mind and a detailed understanding of cybersecurity methodologies. You are expected to have meticulous attention to detail, outstanding problem-solving skills, work comfortably under pressure, and deliver on tight deadlines.

To ensure success, you must display an excellent understanding of technology infrastructures using Firewalls, VPN, Data Loss Prevention IDS/IPS, Web-Proxy, PAM, Network Access Control, and Security Audits. You must be comfortable working with a variety of technologies, security problems, and troubleshooting of the network.

As Cybersecurity Technical Lead, you will be responsible for:  

  • Planning, implementing, managing, monitoring, and upgrading security measures for the protection of the organization’s data, systems, and networks.
  • Troubleshooting cybersecurity problems.
  • Responding to all system and/or network security breaches.
  • Ensuring that the organization’s data and infrastructure are protected by enabling the appropriate security controls.
  • Participating in the change management process.
  • Identifying network and system vulnerabilities.
  • Daily administrative tasks, reporting, and communication with the relevant departments in the organization.
  • Evaluating the organization’s security needs and establishing best practices and standards accordingly.




Platform Security:

  • Provide appropriate security architecture, information security model, and protection measures for each part and the whole system.
  • Procedures, guidelines, security rules/configuration template for infrastructure security operation.
  • Administration the security system, and enforce access control in compliance with policies, procedures, regulations, and instructions within the operational scope of the department.
  • Successfully deploying security solutions and technologies to ensure security for the company.

Application Security:

  • Participate in projects to ensure information security for the system to be built.
  • Successfully apply security processes and solutions to the project/system to ensure the security of the system/service before going into operation.
  • Provide solutions to ensure information security in applications, infrastructure, and data.

Vulnerability Assessment:

  • Update and evaluate vulnerabilities in the system to provide mitigation requirements and solutions and put in place appropriate protection measures.

Vendor Relations:

  • Working with external security partners ( Security Service Providers).

Identity and access management:

  • Building a role-based access matrix / Privileged account management.




  • 3+ years of IT and relevant security experience.
  • Experience with Firewalls (functionality and maintenance), Office 365 Security, and Endpoint Security.
  • Familiar with Linux and Windows capabilities and network protocol (firewall, VPN, intrusion prevention system, etc).
  • Experience with Network Access Control, and Privilege Access Management is a plus.
  • Knowledge in Python, C++, Java, Ruby, Node, Go, and/or Power Shell.
  • Ability to work under pressure in a fast-paced environment.
  • Strong attention to detail with an analytical mind and outstanding problem-solving skills.
  • Great awareness of cybersecurity trends and hacking techniques.
  • Have an advanced level of written and verbal communication skills in Vietnamese, and good communication skills in English.
  • EQ Soft skills to engage with vendors, hospitals, and clinics.
  • Ability to work with multiple sites to prioritize and resolve inquiries.
  • Experience in healthcare and especially working with Hospitals is an advantage.
  • Having relevant knowledge or experience in security standards, frameworks, and best practices: ISO 27001, PCI DSS, CIS 20, NIST CSF, TOGAF, COBIT, ITIL, etc.




  • A degree in computer science, IT, systems engineering, or related qualification.
  • Refer:  Have at least 01 of the following certificates (or equivalent): Security+, CEH, CCNP, MSCE, CySA+.

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